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Thank you for joining us at Fussy Cat, where we understand that you want your fussy felines to have the healthiest (and tastiest) food possible. Cats are carnivores; they naturally crave the taste of meat. That’s why the Fussy Cat range is protein-rich and 100% grain free.
More meat, no grains.

This month we talk about why protein is so important in the diet, especially at this time of year. You can even go into the draw to to win one of five cans of our delicious, natural wet foods for your fussy cats to try.
This month...
The Fussy Cat Range - 100% grainfree and natural,
Our Stockists - Email us to find your local Fussy Cat stockists
Frequently Asked Questions - Why is protein so important in the diet?
Fussy Cat Gallery - Share your favourite photos with us and be in to win,
Fussy Cat Cans - Win one of five 400g cans of Fussy Cat grainfree wet food.

The Fussy Cat Range

Our range offers the perfect products for your carnivore. All of our products are 100% grainfree and natural, and you will find meat right at the top of the ingredients list. This means that your little carnivore is getting more of the meat they love and crave.
Dry Biscuits
Complete & balanced nutrition for cats and kittens, our dry food products also offer health benefits such as hairball control.
Wet Trays
Cats do not have a strong thirst drive like dogs do; they benefit from high-moisture products. Our trays make the perfect high-moisture, tasty meal.
Wet Cans
Cats adore our canned food. High in moisture and deliciously meaty, these are another natural way to feed your fussy cats.
Our grainfree, natural treats are the perfect way to show your carnivore companions how much you love them.

Our Stockists

Fussy Cat products are found in all leading supermarkets around the country. If you are looking for a particular Fussy Cat product you can email us on info@realpetfoodco.co.nz and we will look into your nearest stockist for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our qualified Pet Advisors answer your nutritional queries. If you have a Fussy Cat query that you would like answered, please email us at info@realpetfoodco.co.nz
Why is protein so important at this time of year?

Cats are natural carnivores, meaning they thrive on a diet high in protein, healthy fat and moisture. Some pet owners expect their felines to eat less as we transition into summer, however, any change in season requires extra protein intake for a lot of our cat companions. This is because they are shedding their old winter coats, and are instead opting to wear slightly cooler, thinner summer coats.

Shedding fur and growing a new coat takes protein. All Fussy Cat products are high in protein with meat as the #1 ingredient. Keep your fussy feline's coat in beautiful, glossy condition by feeding Fussy Cat grainfree.

Fussy Cat Gallery

We love seeing photos of your fussy cats. Send us your photos for our website Gallery and each picture will go in the monthly draw to win a prize of $30 of Fussy Cat vouchers.
Take a peek at the Fussy Cat Gallery
Congratulations to Nickie from Auckland for sharing the above photo of her gorgeous girl, Amber, nursing her beautiful new babies.

Fussy Cat Cans

The ancestors of our fussy felines are desert-dwellers. Because water is difficult to come by in this environment, desert carnivores would get most of their moisture from the foods they eat. Because of this our domestic cats have not inherited a strong drive to search for water. We can help them get the moisture they need by providing "wet" foods.

Fussy Cat offers 85g trays and 400g cans of wet food in three delicious flavours:

- Salmon and Whitefish with Olive Oil
- Beef and Kangaroo with Sweet Potato

- Chicken and Turkey with Cranberry

Be in to win one of five 400g cans of Fussy Cat grainfree wet food simply by clicking the blue button below. Look out for our Fussy Cat grainfree foods in all leading supermarkets.
Enter to win a tray of Fussy Cat wet food
Congratulations to Elizabeth from Whangarei, Graydon and Tracey from Auckland, Beatrice from Otago and Beth who each won some delectable sachets of Fussy Cat 85g wet food last month.
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